• Hispanic Cultural Studies students discussing the artwork of Juan Davila, Semester 2 2014, with coordinator Meribah Rose.

    Students examining a Hamatsa mask representing Gwaxgwaxwalanuxaiwe, Cannibal Raven at the north end of the world, in ANTH30003 Myth, ritual and performance, September 2014, led by Dr Gillian Gi-Leng Tan.

    VCA Dance students in the subject Site Specific Choreography, performing in the Basil Sellers Art Prize 4, September 2014, with lecturer Dr Sandra Parker.

    Communicating Science for Research students in the Piranesi Effect February 2014

  • Academic Programs

  • The Academic Programs unit at the Ian Potter Museum of Art works to connect academics and students from across the greatest diversity of disciplines and courses to the Potter's collections, programs and environments. We actively seek engagement with the core teaching and research activity of the University, by offering links with coursework, assignments and higher degree research.

    Tutorials related to our collections or activities take place on site. These can be related to current exhibitions, and take place in the gallery spaces. Alternatively tutorials may focus on selected works brought from collection storage, to match the theme of the tutorials and enrich the tutorial content through close engagement with works of art. The content of these tutorials is negotiated by the Curator of Academic Programs at the Potter and the relevant lecturer or tutor.

    Research activity is encouraged through one-on-one interactions with students and staff, and through access to the collections and archival resources. Internships may be negotiated in consultation with the student's academic department representative.

    We also offer space within the Potter for postgraduate reading groups to meet, and aim to enrich these experiences with targeted interactions with the collections.

    Academic Programs at the Potter enhances academics' teaching, and enriches students' experience of campus life. We work hard to foster engagement across all Faculties and Graduate Schools, and always welcome new initiatives from academics and students alike.

    Contact Xanthe Jujnovich, Dr Heather Gaunt or Emily Lochowicz for further information.

    Latest news:

    Ngara … Deep Listening … Seeing Two Ways: What can Indigenous knowledge, mindfulness and observational skills training bring to medical practice A seminar facilitated by the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Wellbeing and the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education Network, Adelaide, 12 Sept 2014. Video link including talk by Dr Heather Gaunt about the Visual Arts in Health Education program at UoM.

    INSITE.Magazine, Museums Australia Victoria, Nov 2013-Jan 2014, p. 4, Art and empathy at the Ian Potter Museum of Art

    Melbourne University Magazine 2013, Art opens eyes for medical students

    Voice, vol 9, no 7, The difference between looking and seeing

    Arts Hub, Shifting perceptions at Ian Potter Museum of Art



    Academic Programs Unit publications:



    Book chapter, with M. Borromeo and N. Chiavaroli, The Arts and Visual Thinking in Education at The Melbourne Dental School, in C.L. McLean, ed., Creative Arts in Humane Medicine, 2013, Brush Publishing, Calgary, Canada, pp. 40-54.

    Medicine and the arts: using visual art to develop observation skills in medical and dental students




Latest News

Melbourne artist Fiona McMonagle has won the $5,000 Yarra Trams People’s Choice Award for her series of artworks entered in this year’s Basil Sellers Art Prize.

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