• S.T. Gill, The Invalid Digger, (1852-53), lithograph on paper, 21.3 x 16.5 cm. The University of Melbourne Art Collection. Gift of the Russell and Mab Grimwade Bequest 1973.

    S.T Gill, Macartney and Galbraith (printer), Collins Street, looking west from Russell Street, 1854, lithograph and watercolour on paper, 32.8 x 49 cm. The University of Melbourne Art Collection. Gift of the Russell and Mab Grimwade Bequest 1973

    William Strutt, Bushrangers, Victoria, Australia 1852, 1887, oil on canvas, 73 x 154 cm. The University of Melbourne Art Collection. Gift of the Russell and Mab Grimwade Bequest 1973

  • Grimwade Student Projects 2013

  • In an initiative that encourages multidisciplinary engagement with the art collection of the University of Melbourne, the Ian Potter Museum of Art offers five minor Miegunyah Fund Awards to University of Melbourne students. The award required the student to undertake a research-based minor project on an aspect of the Russell and Mab Grimwade Collection held by the Ian Potter Museum of Art. In 2013, the award was given to students across five different disciplines, including Dentistry, Art Curatorship, Interactive Music Composition, Creative Writing, and Secondary Teaching. Recipients of each award were required to present the outcomes of their awards in a lunchtime talk at the Potter that outlined their diverse research strategies, creative processes and final product.

    The Grimwade Awards are again offered in 2014, with students' presentations in Sem 2.

    Grimwade Project 1: Laura de Neefe, Creative Writing.

    Presentation 21 October 2013. Grimwade poems 'Roaming. Herding. Leveling'.

    This project takes the form of a poetic response to works in the Grimwade Collection depicting early colonial Melbourne, as a way of exploring the mirco-history of the city. The depiction of Melbourne in between the rural and industrial stages as an element in all these works is a particular focus, as is the nature of Melbourne as an evolving place with a changing character to reflect this. Artworks selected includeJohn Skinner Prout,View from Bateman’s Hill, Melbourne (1847), and Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (1847).

    Grimwade Project 2: Maize Wallin and Liam Whittaker, Interactive Composition.

    Presentation 22 October 2013. Grimwade Pop-up Exhibition Maize Wallin uTube

    This project consisted of exhibition concept utilising artworks from the Grimwade Collection with sound scapes. The conception is of a three-walled space exhibiting images from the Collection on the subject of transportation, including Trains/Trams, Boats, and Horses/Horse-drawn vehicles. While viewing the works the audience are exposed to sound pieces that immerse the viewer within the world of each mode of transportation.
    Artworks selected include Helen Ogilvie's Early state of illustration to chapter ten and Heading Illustration to Chapter Seven of "Flinders Lane, Recollections of Alfred Felton" (1947) and Charles Nettleton's Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway Pier, Sandridge (c. 1860s).

    Grimwade Project 3: Sarah Healy and Claire Virgona, Master of Teaching (Visual Arts)

    Presentation 27 November 2013. Project Overview.

    Titled ‘Back to the future’, the project uses selected artworks from the Grimwade collection to re-story the stories from a variety of historical perspectives while adding a geographical dimension by mapping a selection of artworks onto an augmented reality platform. It makes use of the Grimwade Collection for an education resource targeted at a number of secondary curriculum areas that can be utilised within school environments.

    Artworks selected include William Strutt, Bushrangers, Victoria, Australia, 1852 (1887), and Henry Burn's Melbourne from the south side of the Yarra (1869).

    Grimwade Project 4: Dominique van de Klundert, Master of Art Curatorship

    Presentation 11 December 2013. Truth, justice & representation: The photography of J.W. Lindt in context

    This project, entitled ‘Russell Grimwade, J.W. Lindt, and the construction of a Victorian icon’ contextualises the 6 photographs by J.W. Lindt in the Grimwade Collection that document the siege of the Kelly Gang at Glenrowan. Situating these images within a discussion of the particular role of photography in the memorialisation and representation of history, particularly Kelly’s, allows an analysis of Lindt’s contribution to the construction of Kelly as an icon, and of Russell Grimwade’s investment in this construction as an aspect of his interest in Victorian history.

    Grimwade Project 5: Deniz Kara, Doctor of Dental Surgery

    Presentation 25 June 2014. Colonial Australia: A dental perspective

    In this project, Deniz Kara explores the impact of diet and alcohol on health during the colonial period, with particular focus on the introduction of sugar plantations, water, sanitation, oral and overall health. Deniz uses works from the Grimwade Collection, including S.T. Gill's Invalid Digger, and J.M.W. Turner's Kangaroo Hunt, as a visual counterpart to her investigation.


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