• maleORDER: adressing menswear

    Jenny Bannister, Fool, Percy Grainger, Martin Grant, Mark McDean, Queen, Kitten Reinhardt, Todd Robinson, Glen Rollason, S!X, t

    16 Feb 1999 to 4 Apr 1999
    Guest curators: Robyn Healy and Naomi Cass

    In association with the Grainger Museum, National Gallery of Victoria and the Woolmark Melbourne Fashion Festival.

    maleORDER: Addressing Menswear is a contemporary fashion exhibition about ideas, ways of dressing and expressing and individual identity. Using Percy Grainger’s approach to develop original design, 12 selected artists responded to this task, enlivened and stimulated by the Grainger Museum’s treasure trove. maleORDER is a vehicle to incite debate about the relationship of fashion to gender.


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