• Painting: an arcane technology

    Hany Armanious, Nadine Christensen, Adam Cullen, Diena Georgetti, Matthys Gerber, Brent Harris, Louise Hearman, David Jolly, Gareth Sansom, Eve Sullivan, Anne Wallace, Constanze Zikos

    25 Jan 2001 to 25 Mar 2001
    Curators: Natalie King and Bala Starr

    Is painting a critique of a disembodied, fractured view of the world? Is painting a symptom of a nostalgic, even regressive approach that yearns for painting as an ‘act’ or ‘pure presence’?

    The recent resurgence of interest among artists in painting has elicited a giddy response that is often situated against the 1990s infatuation with installation art, object making, photography and multimedia practices.

    This exhibition explores new models and behaviours in contemporary Australian painting. Posing questions about what painting can offer us today, the exhibition proposes that painting is 'an attitude as well as a medium, whose conditions are dynamic and can have the potential to be unique'.



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