• Hany Armanious: Selflok

    26 Jan 2002 to 14 Apr 2002
    Curator: Bala Starr

    Sydney artist, Hany Armanious, works in a wide range of media, including: drawing, sculpture, and installations. Selflok (1994–2001) is a mixed media installation that includes hot-melt sculptures cast from liquid petroleum. It explores the nature of unstable processes and chance operations. Writing for the UCLA Hammer Museum (University of California, Los Angeles), where Armanious’s work was shown from August to October 2001, Sydney-based writers, Fergus Armstrong and Amanda Rowell, describe Selflok as resembling ‘the interior of a microcosmic grotto of sorts, an excavated portal giving secret access to reality’.



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This Wednesday join our resident philosopher Dr Arthur O’Neill as he leads a dynamic group discussion through the BSAP4 exhibition deliberating and debating the world of sport and art. The discussion will give participants the opportunity to deepen their reflections on the worlds of sport and art.

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