• A consumate collector: the botanical passions of Russell Grimwade

    26 Sep 2002 to 15 Dec 2002
    Curator: Elizabeth McRae, Grimwade Intern

    The Grimwade Collection was bequeathed to the University of Melbourne in Sir Russell Grimwade's will of 1949 and presented to the university after the death of Lady Grimwade in 1972.

    Russell Grimwade was a person of diverse interests, and the subject of botany held lifelong appeal to him. His activities in this area reflected his role as a patron and collector of art and books, a chemist, and author. This exhibition brings together works of diverse media, including paintings, watercolours, books, and furniture that highlights Russell Grimwade’s botanical interests.

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Friday 26 September
11.20am Special Event: Johannes Kreidler artist talk & panel discussion.
12.30pm MUSEUM LAB Floor talk:  Basil Sellers Art Prize 4

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