• Welcome to my mind: Gareth Sansom, a study of selected works 1964–2005

    22 Oct 2005 to 5 Feb 2006
    Curator: Bala Starr

    Gareth Sansom is a major Australian artist whose career spans more than forty years. Welcome to my mind provides an overview of the development of Sansom’s work, yet it is not a retrospective. The display is comprised of selected works that indicate certain preoccupations and recurrent motifs in the artist’s practice. Sansom produces paintings, drawings, photographs, video, and digital images. His personal approach to picture making can be interpreted in terms of assemblage and photomontage. Pop-expressionism, sociological comment, personal references, humour, and sexually provocative imagery, are all present in his work. 


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This Wednesday MUSEUM LAB: Floor talk with Dr Vincent Alessi, Ruth Beilin & Julie McLeod on [re]constructing identity: the psychology of place that shaped 21st century Victorian cultural identity.

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