• Roderick Buchanan, Tombez la chemise, 2002, videotape transferred to DVD, colour, silent, 3:15 minutes. © Courtesy the artist, Lisson Gallery, London, and Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris

  • Game on! Sport and contemporary art

    Roderick Buchanan, Jon Campbell, Mathew Greentree, Richard Lewer

    29 Jan 2006 to 23 Apr 2006
    Curator: Chris McAuliffe

    In Game on! Australian and international artists explore ‘territory’ and ‘allegiance’, two concepts essential to playing sport and supporting a team. In the context of the Commonwealth Games, these ideas expand to include nations, patriotism, and international alliances. Artists in the exhibition focus on the visual signs of allegiance (team colours, banners, badges and logos), on words and voices (slogans, chants, anthems), on ritual behaviour (ceremonies, superstitions, training schedules) and heritage (family legend, national traditions).

    The fan's affiliation can be highly personal and local, but is also affected by global media and merchandising. Territory begins with the playing field itself, and extends to incorporate a stadium, a city, and eventually a nation. Territory is architectural, geographical, and psychological. Artists in Game on! explore playing fields, fan behaviour (good and bad), and public and private games. This exhibition is part of Festival Melbourne 2006 and the 2006 Commonwealth Games.



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