• Fischli & Weiss, The right way, 1983. 

  • A spoonful weighs a ton

    Stephen Bram, Michael Conole, Fischli and Weiss, Saskia Leek, Linda Marrinon, Robert MacPherson

    9 Dec 2006 to 18 Feb 2007
    Curator: Bala Starr

    A spoonful weighs a ton brings together the work of seven artists. The title of this exhibition, taken from a 1999 Flaming Lips song title, is intended to initiate abstract conversation about weight and density at a moment when contemporary attitudes play down the ‘relative heaviness of art’, concentrating instead on pictorial surfaces and the moving image.

    Each of the artworks in this exhibition balances what the artist has to ‘say’—their theme or thesis—with its own total lingering density of presence. This enduring aspect of the work might be phenomenal, or the wait/weight of time or of history, a rational or metaphysical weight, or something of all of these.



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SUNDAY 19 APRIL Cinema Nova in partnership with the Potter’s exhibition Weird melancholy: The Australian gothic, presents a series of Australian Gothic Cinema. Peter Weir’s 1975 Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock will be brought back to the big screen, followed by a panel discussing the film. Panel consists of screenwriter Cliff Green; actress Helen Morse who starred in the film; author Dr Brian McFarlane and academic/journalist Dr Mark Nicholls. Hosted by Carol van Opstal.

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