• Photo: Viki Petherbridge

    Roman period bone plaque fragment with human head and vegetal scroll motif, Jordan, Pella, 4th century CE, 8.4 x 3 cm. National Gallery of Australia, Pella Collection, Canberra

  • Australian archeologists at Pella

    9 Apr 2008 to 13 Sep 2008
    Curator: Andrew Jamieson

    This exhibition refers to the ancient city of Pella in the north Jordan Valley and tells the story of technology, trade and daily life there. It also describes the significant discoveries Australian archaeologists have made in Jordan over a period of fifty years. Excavations have revealed Pella as one of the most important ancient cities in Jordon, because it has a pattern of continuous human settlement stretching back to Neolithic times (c. 6500 BCE). Objects in this exhibition are drawn from the National Gallery of Australia’s collection, and are currently on long-term loan to the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney. 



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