• Photo: Viki Petherbridge

    Ms & Mr, Study for retrograde motion, 1988/2008, VHS rotoscoped with composite HDV and animation, two channel, silent, infinite loop. © Courtesy the artists and Kaliman Gallery, Sydney

  • Song of sirens

    Stephen Bram, Gunter Christmann, Kate Murphy, Ms & Mr, Paul Ogier

    23 Feb 2009 to 2 May 2009
    Curator: Bala Starr

    Song of sirens is an exhibition that brings us close to the imaginative workings of six artists from three generations. Some artists lead us to encounter risk and discovery: in accepting their invitations to experience their work, we may venture along unfamiliar pathways. These types of encounters are not just at the centre of the work in this exhibition, they are essential to contemporary art.

    In Song of sirens, the experiences, methods, emotions, and motifs, that inspire these artists coalesce in a ‘strange harmony of contrasts’, offering an experience akin to being immersed in a deep pool. This exhibition presents material and cultural spaces, and an abstract language of sense and sensation, where attention is directed towards wholeness and depth. These artists’ energies move forward, behind, and around us, as temporal, physical, or spatial phenomena.



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