• Photo: Viki Petherbridge

    Performance by The Boys Next Door (collaboration with Jenny Watson), The Crystal Ballroom, Melbourne, 1979. Photograph courtesy John Nixon

  • Melbourne>

    Howard Arkley, Tony Clark, Brett Colquhuon, Peter Cripps, John Nixon, Peter Tyndall and Jenny Watson

    24 Feb 2010 to 16 May 2010
    Guest curator: David Pestorius

    Melbourne > < Brisbane: punk, art and after, traces the extraordinary interaction of the alternative music and art scenes between Melbourne and Brisbane during the punk and post-punk years (1975–85), and after. The exhibition reveals the entwined artistic and musical histories of the two cities through music, film, ephemeral publications, photographs and paintings. Bands include: Anti-music, the Saints, the Go-Betweens, Nick Cave, the Birthday Party, Ed Kuepper, and the Laughing Clowns.


    Sponsor: Stutt Partners

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