• Christian Capurro

    Dianne Bauer (right)

  • The body. The ruin.

    Laylah Ali, Diann Bauer, Ian Burn, Christian Capurro, Joy Hester, Joan Jonas, Ruth Maclennan, Tom Nicholson, Santiago Sierra, Aaron Williamson

    5 Nov 2005 to 22 Jan 2006
    Guest curator: Bridget Crone

    The body. The ruin presents contemporary and historical artworks—paintings and drawings, video and performance—that consider human experience in the context of war, nature, and scientific and technological advancement. The selected artists’ practices fall broadly into two groups: those who use the image of the body to describe contemporary experiences; and those who—often through performance art—use the body as a means of expression through action, where the body is pushed beyond its normal boundaries or activities.

    Images of violence, the physicality and the presence (and absence) of the human body within a present historical moment are key to The body. The ruin. The exhibition addresses the way that artists use the languages of the body as a means of describing or inhabiting a contemporaneous moment (locating us within that moment), and in doing so, it addresses the body as a contested or devalued entity—through war, through biomedical research, within contested geographical sites, the urban environment and workplace.

    The body. The ruin also approaches the body within a temporal dimension through the symbol of the ruin, which has a strange, labyrinthine relationship to time; its present existence is relative to the past but dependent and reinvigorated through the present moment. 

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SUNDAY 19 APRIL Cinema Nova in partnership with the Potter’s exhibition Weird melancholy: The Australian gothic, presents a series of Australian Gothic Cinema. Peter Weir’s 1975 Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock will be brought back to the big screen, followed by a panel discussing the film. Panel consists of screenwriter Cliff Green; actress Helen Morse who starred in the film; author Dr Brian McFarlane and academic/journalist Dr Mark Nicholls. Hosted by Carol van Opstal.

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