• Photo: Viki Petherbridge

  • Treasures: antiquities from Melbourne private collections

    22 Oct 2011 to 15 Apr 2012
    Curator: Andrew Jamieson

    The Treasures exhibition features over seventy rare artefacts from private antiquities collections in Melbourne. Many of these items, which come from eleven key private collections, are displayed for the first time publicly in this exhibition. The artefacts not only reveal fascinating insights into ancient societies, they also reveal the intentions and passions of their collectors.

    The artefacts from ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Rome span 5000 years. Highlights include examples of black and red figure vase painting, depicting scenes of classical mythology, which demonstrate the skilful techniques of Greek and southern Italian potters. Delicate vessels made of glass and miniature bronze statues display the hallmarks of Roman high-temperature industries. Objects made of faience, wood and alabaster communicate ancient Egyptian funerary beliefs, and the lives of the pharaohs. Bronze ornaments and ceremonial objects, terracotta figurines, and beads made of amber and carnelian, are markers and symbols of the Near East. Treasures presents of a broad selection of works from the ancient and classical worlds. Their richness and diversity highlight distinct artistic, cultural, and regional trends.



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