• Wolfgang Sievers, Conferring of degrees, Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne, 1956, gelatin silver photograph, 18.8cm x 25.0 cm.

    Wolfgang Sievers, Wilson Hall, exterior, University of Melbourne, 1956, gelatin silver photograph, 24.5 x 19.6 cm.

  • Tuesday talk: Designing 'The Shop'

    Considering the future on-campus experience

    Tuesday 29 Oct 2013, 1.00- 1.30pm
    Peter Jamieson

    Professor Peter Jamieson is an educator who is an award-winning designer of new generation learning environments. As Strategic Advisor Learning Environment Design, Peter leads the design of student-centred learning spaces at The University of Melbourne, and has been invited to contribute to projects at a large number of national and international universities.

    In this talk Peter will consider the nature of the campus and its role in the context of a rapidly changing Higher Education sector. How can we shape the campus to retain its unique role? What does it mean to experience the campus as a place of learning?

    All welcome, no bookings required.

    More about the exhibition here.

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