• Sandra Parker and Rhian Hinkley
    Automaton 2017
    Performer:  Sandra Parker
    Photography Jodie Hutchinson

  • Weekend performances

    Automation; Story, as told; Exhibition as score

    Saturday 7 Oct 2017, 1.00- 2.00pm

    Sandra Parker
    A performance exploring human movement, kinetic sculpture and live documentation.


    Story, as told
    Shelly Lasica and Fayen d'Evie
    Working with ideas of describing or mapping the exhibition room, Lasica and d'Evie will develop a performance that allows trasensory modes of story-telling.

    Exhibition as score
    VCA dance students
    Short dance works that use the gallery spaces and artworks as prompts for performance. The works will take place throughout the gallery, with dancers and viewers shifting from gallery to gallery as the event progresses.


    These performances are presented at the Ian Potter Museum of Art as part of the Melbourne Festival.

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