• Lotte Reiniger
    Sleeping Beauty/Dornrӧschen (still) 1953-1954
    silhouette animation film
    Primrose Productions
    Directed and animated by Lotte Reiniger
    Production team: Carl Coch, Louis Hagen, Vivian Milroy
    Music: Freddie Phillips
    10:03 minutes
    Courtesy of BFI National Archive, London

  • “Into the woods… Fairy tales transformed”

    Saturday 13 Jan 2018, 4.00- 5.00pm

    In looking at All the better to see you with, the forest, the woods, the jungle and trees are common elements represented throughout the fairy tale experience, as is notions of the journey and transformation.

    Inspired by Lotte Reiniger’s portrayal of the Adventures of Prince Achmed in her animated silhouette film of 1926, this improvised shadow puppet performance will showcase the creations from the Sally Smart Puppetry Workshop held earlier in the day.

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