• Forms of Life (installation view) 2017
    Photography Jodie Hutchinson

  • Panel: wedge | throw | glaze

    Saturday 17 Feb 2018, 1.00- 2.00pm

    A look at the relationship between traditional ceramic techniques and the increasing profile of ceramics within the contemporary art context, with artists Angela Brennan, Glenn Barkley, and Kevin White.


    Angela Brennan’s practice incorporates a range of media including painting, drawing and ceramics. She incorporates both abstraction and figuration in her work, and has a varied approach to subject matter, informed by classical and contemporary sources.

    Glenn Barkley is a Sydney based artist and curator.  His work sits at a juncture between ceramics history, horticulture and curating. Predominately based on organic plant forms but seen through the lens of ceramics history, his ceramics have distinct conceptual and formal relationships with English and European porcelain; folk art traditions and studio pottery of the 20th century.

    Kevin White is an artist and an Associate Professor of Art at RMIT.  His porcelain vessels and their contemporary embellishment take inspiration from the elegance and technical skill of the East Asian ceramic tradition.  His ceramic forms feature evocative hand-painted decoration with geometric planes of colour, lustrous gold finishes and intimate decal patterning.  Kevin has also incorporated, in his most recent work, larger sweeping brushstrokes that pay homage to his experience living and working in China and Japan.  His distinct signature of interpretation is clear, giving new life to the ceramic traditions and refracting ideas of Japonisme seen in British ceramics of the 19th century.

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