• Resonating Spaces

  • Resonating Spaces

    an audio/visual remapping of space, sound and animation.

    16 Oct 2013
    38 Composers, 12 Animators

    Resonating Spaces: The Ian Potter Museum of Art is part of an ongoing collaborative research project titled 'reconstructing the familiar'. The project is concerned with using trans-disciplinary modes of making and engagement to reconstruct existing material to illuminate other ways of experiencing and magnifying meaning. In the current project 38 composers and 12 animators reconstruct aspects of the Ian Potter Museum of Art to create a collection of sound and vision installations that interrelate with the topography, intent and history of the location and the surrounds.

    The animators have developed their works through site-specific observation, code and traditional animation craft, generation skills and research. All animations confront the potential of animation to interact with non-linear, indeterminate, performative, mobile and location specific contexts.

    The composers have each created a sound snapshot of a chosen location inside the Ian Potter Museum of Art. This snapshot sonically illuminates both meaning and interpretation of this location and the animations.

    Artistic Directors: Paul Fletcher and Mark Pollard.
    Curator Academic Programs (Research): Dr Heather Gaunt 

    Initiated by members of the VCA Moving Image Narrative Research Cluster.

    2.30pm – 3.15pm: outside walkways on the south side of the Ian Potter of Museum of Art

    3.30pm – 5.00pm: inside The Ian Potter Museum of Art

    Free event, no bookings required.

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