• Nicosia Agia Paraskevi, chamber tombs 44-56 from above, during excavation, discovered during digging for the foundations of a modern building, May 2011, © Giorgos Georgiou, excavator of the site.

  • Public Lecture: Ancient Cyprus

    New light on prehistoric Nicosia: evidence from recent excavations

    10 Jul 2012
    Dr Giorgos Georgiou

    Nicosia, the modern capital of Cyprus, is built on top of the remains of several ancient settlements. One of them, a Chalcolithic village, founded around 3000 BCE, developed into an important town during the Bronze Age. As the remains of this Bronze Age settlement are buried deep under Medieval Nicosia, the most prolific source of information has proven to be its cemeteries.

    The Cyprus Department of Antiquities vies with modern building development to rescue as much information as it can for the capital’s history. In this lecture Dr Georgiou presents an overview of the results of excavations he has conducted in the Bronze Age necropolis of Nicosia during the last decade.

    The lecture will be preceded by an introduction on the Australian involvement in Cypriot archaeology by Dr Jennifer Webb from the Archaeology Program at La Trobe University. 

    Dr Giorgos Georgiou is a Senior Archaeological
    Officer in the Department of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus. His PhD thesis was titled The Topography of Human Settlement in Cyprus during the Early and Middle Bronze Age. He has directed excavations at sites of all periods in Cyprus but his research interests are focused on the Cypriot Bronze Age and the
    Cypriot city-kingdoms.

    His duties in the Department of Antiquities include the management of exhibitions of Cypriot antiquities both in Cypriot museums and abroad. He recently published a book on an Early Bronze Age cemetery at the Cypriot village of Psematismenos and has written numerous papers on his excavations at Nicosia, Kition and elsewhere.

    This lecture is supported by the Bank of Cyprus Australia, the Cyprus High Commission and La Trobe University.

    Bookings required: see RSVP above.

    Theatre A
    Elisabeth Murdoch Building
    The University of Melboure
    Parkville VIC 3010



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