• Paul D. Carter, Vogel Literary Award Recipient, with University High School and University of Melbourne Students in a creative writing workshop, September 2012

  • 2013 Donors


    $10,000 - $24,999

    Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE and Lady Lyn Nossal


    $5000 - $9,999

    Mrs Julie Ann Cox and Mr Laurie Cox AO

    Dr Catherine H Guy                                                                                       

    Mr Peter Lovell                                                                                                       

    Dr Geoffrey Mottershead and Mrs Hilary Mottershead                               


    $2500 to $4999

    Professor Emeritus David G Penington AC and Dr Sonay Hussein


    $1000 to $2499

    Ms Sandra Beanham

    Mr John Cameron and Mrs Alison Cameron                            

    Lord Ebury and Lady Ebury                                                                        

    Ms Helen P Gannon  and Mr Michael J Gannon       

    Mrs Barbara J Hammon and Mr Timothy E Hammon                                               

    Ms Vivien F Knowles and Mr Graeme Knowles

    Mr Edward R Yencken and Mrs Mandy Yencken                                       


    $500 to $999

    Mr David A Craig 

    Mr Fred Grimwade              

    Dr John E Harrison and Mrs Margaret M Harrison

    Associate Professor John R. Martyn and Mrs Alexia Martyn                                  

    Mr Ralph M Renard and Mrs Ruth D Renard                                                          

    Mrs Margaret S Ross AM and Dr Ian C Ross                                                          


    $200 to $499

    Mr C H Roger Brookes

    Mrs Jean Hadge

    Mr Louis W. Partos                                                                                      

    Mr Jon E Peacock


    Donations to $200

    Mr Joel Becker and Ms Giacomina Pradolin                                                                          

    Dr Fiona Caro

    Mr John Balmford and Mrs Dagnija Balmford

    Mr Morris J Dalton

    Mr Peter Di Sciasio    

    Dr Geoffrey M Greenbaum

    Mr Robert D Hook                                                               

    Mrs Emmeline McFadyen

    Mr Michael Stockdale

    Mrs Angelika Zangmeister and Mr Peter Zangmeister                                             



Latest News

Richard Avedon People celebrates the work of American photographer Richard Avedon (1923 to 2004). With work from 1949 to 2002, the exhibition offers an in-depth overview of Avedon’s achievements in the art of black and white portraiture photography. In the show, instantly recognisable and influential artists, celebrities, and political activists including Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, Malcolm X, and Bob Dylan are presented alongside portraits of the unknown or long forgotten. Coming soon, opening 6 December 2014

The Ian Potter Museum of Art
The University of Melbourne

  • Swanston Street
  • University of Melbourne
  • Parkville VIC 3010